Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Think Like a Detective When Searching Online

Think Like a Journalist (Michael Bugeja) 
  1. Doubt: don't automatically believe everything you read 
  2. Detect: relentlessly pursue the truth to discover the "big picture" 
  3. Discern: think critically to find a fair balance 
  4. Demand: uphold and protect the free flow of information 

Practical Advice to Use when Protecting Yourself from Misleading Information Online 
  • Ask 
    • Always ask yourself lots of questions when you hear about news or information.  
      • Where is the information coming from? 
      • Is it a reliable source? 
      • Is someone else reporting the same story? 
    • Question everything, and take nothing for granted.
  • Verify
    • Search on the web or discuss with your friends and family any piece of news that comes from media sources-you may discover valuable info. 
  • Keep Position
    • Never underestimate your opinions and do not be afraid of authority. Remember: everyone has the same level of reliability until they prove to be trustworthy.
  • Investigate
    • Triangulate and investigate the story. A news story is never too complex to solve. 
  • Focus
    • Do not try to split your attention to multiple news stories. Choose one and stick with it, and then move on. 

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