Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration 

Learn How to Coordinate, Cooperate and Collaborate with Others Online to Help Ensure you Complete your Goals 

Exceed expectations by being collectively active
  • Collective intelligence
Use tools that help you get work done with others
  • Collaborative tools 
Learn how you can contribute to your own success and that of others
  • Learn
  • Gain reputation
  • Meet others
  • Contribute to a common good
Ensure your effective communication is responsive and concise

Make sure your collaboration drives an outcome

source: rheingold, 2012

Collaborative Apps

  • Web and mobile app designed to enable teamwork without the hassle of checking your email
  • Puts conversations and tasks together, in order for groups to get more done with less effort

List of Collaborative Software
  • Wikipedia site that includes free software, open-source software and a comparison table between different products and vendors characteristics
  • Includes "projectware" or project collaboration software

OU Get Smarts Previous Blog Posts
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  • Wikispaces
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  • Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides)
    • The ins and outs of Google Drive! How to use the different programs (Drive, Spreadsheets, and Slides) that will make working with others online so much easier! 
  • Collaborative Tools
    • Different tools and programs that can be essential when working with others online! Great resource--check out the different programs, and find the one that will be best for you and your team! 

Learning how to collaborate with others is essential in your expansion of networks, knowledge of communication, cooperation and collaboration with other people online. Below are some articles that contain links to different programs and articles that contain essential information about collaboration with others.

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