Saturday, February 22, 2014

Increase Your Attention

10 Tricks for Paying Attention (Karen Pallarito)
Different coping strategies that help keep you focused rather than getting distracted by external stimuli. You need to pinpoint your weaknesses and review the strategies to get your tasks complete. 

Write it down: jot down keywords to remind yourself what you want to say (in a meeting, class) or do
  • Keep a random thought notebook on hand-for important reminders or ideas
Map it out: in the morning, map out your day, including classes, assignments due, meetings, errands, etc. and refer to your "road map" throughout the day
  • Keeping a daily planner is key (either a calendar planner or a planner app on your phone)
Create the right environment: make your environment work for you-if you focus better when listening to music or with ambient nose in the background, make it happen

Prioritize tasks: schedule a time for plowing through your tasks of the day

Take a quick break: if boredom is ruining your productivity, take short breaks. Get up to walk around or do a quick yoga stretch, but be careful not to move into procrastination mode

Set a timer: figure out how much time it really takes to get where you're going and set a timer. Program your phone to alert you when it is time to get going.

Plan some fun time: plan into your day something that is enjoyable, something that you can look forward to doing-having a coffee break with a friend

Delegate: know when to delegate, know what you do well and what you do not. Focus on your strengths and ASK for help when you need it

Chunk it: if you have trouble estimating time, or shifting gears from one activity to another, approach tasks for limited periods of time. Chunking it or breaking it into manageable time periods will help you complete tasks more thoroughly

Record it: do what works for you-some people find apps and gadgets that work better for them, than paper and pen for keeping lists and reminders

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