Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keeping Your Profiles Secure

Tips to Keeping Your Facebook (and other social networking) Profiles Secure 
Facebook (and other social networking sites) continually changes their security and privacy settings, but they don't always inform you of their updates and new privacy features. A smart habit it to check your security and privacy settings often (approximately once a month), or whenever they have updates available to their site. 

Facebook Security Features: 
1. Secure Browsing 
  • Secure browsing (https) is an opt-in security feature on Facebook. When you turn this feature on, your traffic and all of your activity on Facebook becomes encrypted, making it difficult for others to access your info without your permission
  • How to Turn It On
    • Go to your security settings page (Account > Settings > Security) 
    • Click on the Secure Browsing
    • Check the box and save your changes 
  • Notes
    • Some third party apps don't support secure browsing (https), and if you try using it, it may ask you to "turn off secure browsing." To use this app, simply click Continue and https will temporarily be turned off, but it will be turned back on the next time you log in. 

2. Login Notifications
  • This feature has alerts that are sent to you each time your account is accessed from a new device
  • How to Turn It On
    • Go to your security settings page (Account > Settings > Security)
    • Click on Login Notifications 
    • Check the box next to the type of alerts (Email, or Text message/Push notification), and save your changes
  •  Notes
    • If you want to receive text message alerts, you'll need to add a mobile number to your account 
      • If you ever want to change who you share you phone number with, visit your Timeline. To change who can look you up by phone number, visit your privacy settings. 
      • To learn more about how information on your Timeline is used, visit Facebook's privacy policy

3. Keep Other from Logging Into Your Account 
  • With login approvals, each time you try to access your Facebook account from a new device, you will first have to enter a security code Facebook sends to your cell phone.
  • Keeps others from accessing your Facebook profile if they know your password or left it open on another person's computer. It also keeps hackers from getting into your profile as well. 

Other Tips for Keeping Your Profiles Private  

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