Thursday, February 6, 2014

OU Get Smarts Online Community Pages

This blog is intended for ALL Ohio University students and faculty that are interested in enhancing their digital skills through a variety of techniques. The blog contains pages of the 6 main digital literacies: 
      (1) Attention,  
      (2) Critical Consumption of Information, 
      (3) Online Participation, 
      (4) Collaboration, 
      (5) Network Smarts, and 
      (6) OU/Institutional Know-How. 
  • You can join in discussions, leave comments, or post additional links that may be beneficial to other participants 
  • You can view the specific pages if you are already familiar with some of the literacies
  • (or) You can navigate within all of the pages to learn about all of the digital literacies provided  

OU Get Smarts Facebook group
This online community is intended for all Ohio University students who are interested in becoming digitally literate. Benefits to joining the Facebook group include:

  • Expand your knowledge and digital skills 
  • Cultivate your networks (meet and connect with other people) 
  • Focus your attention and consumption of information to get things accomplished in life! 

Questions about Facebook Groups? Check out the Terms of Use... 
Facebook Group Privacy & Abuse

  • Provides answers about the privacy options for groups, if people in the same group can see more information on your timeline, how to report something that you see in a group, etc.

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