Saturday, April 5, 2014

Access your Docs Anywhere, Anytime with Dropbox

Dropbox has already been briefly introduced in OU Get Smarts, but this is a more in-depth overview of this necessary program to use while in school!
  • FREE and easy to use 
  • Desktop application and/or web service 
  • Helps keep your data, papers, assignments, etc. organized and accessible from any device

You no longer have to email yourself multiple drafts or papers or congest your inbox with old papers and assignment. No more worrying about losing your flash drive, or losing all of your documents due to a computer virus. With Dropbox, all of your important documents, assignments, pictures, etc. are backed up on the Internet for you. 

Note: You start off with 2GB worth of space for free. To get more space, you can upgrade to a paid version, or invite other people to join the service and get extra free space with each person who signs up (that you invite). When you sign up with your .edu email address, you will receive 500MB worth of extra storage for each person (as opposed to 250MB for email addresses. Plus, each person that you invite also receives an additional 250-500MB of free space. 

To invite others, simply sign into Dropbox, and look for the link Get free space! Here, there are many options to increasing your storage space. You can refer friends through email and/or Facebook, follow Dropbox on Twitter, upload files, and more. To get you started with some free space, here is my Dropbox referral link.
* Feel free to share your own links in the comments to earn some free space from others! 

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