Thursday, April 10, 2014

box -- More Cloud Storage for OU Students

Web-Based Service: 
box is a cloud-based file sharing ad storage service workspace which enables people to collaborate, synchronize, and share information. It provides 50GB of free online storage to ALL OU students, faculty and staff.

Options through Microsoft Office products: 
box for Office is a free add-on that help you open box files directly from Microsoft Office products, and you can then save to the cloud and share with colleagues using box. If you want to add this to your Office products (it's free, and is compatible with Office 2007/10/13, and available to all box PC users). Check out this link, and click on "To download the latest version, CLICK HERE"

With box, you can: 

  • drag and drop files in and out of box
  • edit your files right on box
  • access your files from any Internet-capable device
  • share files with other box users, either for viewing or editing
  • view or edit files others have shared with you
  • comment on files

After you Download the box for Office...
Click on the "Use company single sign on credentials" and enter your OU credentials (Oak ID and password) to log in to the box for Office.

In Microsoft Word, under the "Home" Tab, you will see the add on feature (box) at the far right hand corner (highlighted below)

You can then "Open" or "Save" documents directly from Microsoft Word. It is very useful to be able to directly save your docs from your word file to your cloud.

Check out this YouTube video, Box for Office, on an overview of box with Office as well as other features.. 

You can check out other official box applications here through OU.

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