Thursday, April 24, 2014

Need to Cram for FINALS?

I know most are not ready for finals, but here are a few tips for you to do without without going crazy-- you just need a little organization, some preparation, and a solid night of sleep!! 

  • Find out what resources are available to you. Instead of cramming in one night, make sure to look over information beforehand to determine what gaps are in your knowledge of the material, and then develop a game plan for quick learning. 
    • If you have the time, go to your prof's office hours, SI sessions, or a GA's study session to ask SPECIFIC questions you might have about the topics that will be on the final. 
    • Also, a lot of teachers give handouts or study guides for review.. STUDY THE GUIDES! 
      • AND there may be additional information on the final, especially extra credit questions, but make sure you know the information that is on the study guides!
  • Write things down! Sometimes the simple act of putting pen to paper can actually help you retain information. 
    • Write concepts on notecards, and then the definition or explanation of the concept on the back--it make seem obvious, but it's easier to sift through the known concepts and the concepts that need more attention.  
  • Understand the basics if you're low on time. 
    • Go over the study guide, review the notes, look over the syllabus for any other concepts that may not be on the study guide or in your notes. 
  • Don't over-study. It's tempting to stay in Alden until the wee hours of the morn, but studying for long stretches is actually less effective than short, varied sessions. Mixing up where you study and the types of studying you do (reviewing notes, reading, talking through concepts with classmates, etc.) is more effective than long, drawn out sessions in the lib. 
  • No more all-nighters. I know it's a hard concept to grasp, but you're better off sleeping and knowing less, than "knowing" everything but not being able to remember it, or confusing it with other concepts. 

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