Monday, March 17, 2014

Best News Aggregators

Are you interested in finding apps that help you discover new and interesting news, and things you wouldn't have found on your own? Below are some top apps that deliver a curated news experience!

Criteria for good news aggregator apps: 

  1. Right content: includes the right mix of content sources and quality content that you actually want to read 
  2. Personalization: the best aggregators learn based off your preferences, what you read, rate, and share with others; content relevancy 
  3. Speed and ease: from updating new content to scrolling through screens; make sure your news aggregators are fast, efficient, and simple standout 
  4. Social sharing: from email, to Twitter to Facebook, good aggregators have simple ways to share help with content curation and discovery with others 

Free Apps 
  • Feedly
    • Has become the RSS reader for the choice for many news junkies, especially since Google Reader went into retirement
      • Quick and responsive, with a fleet of powerful apps on iOS, Android, and the web
  • Flipboard
    • Offers a visual and straight-forward means of building your own personalized magazines 
      • Select your general interests, and then immediately dive into a pre-generated set of articles, laid out in the style of a newspaper 
  • Google Play Newsstand
    • Replaced Google Currents, and articles appear as individual cards and there are rows of square icons to look through specific publications
    • Curated experience 
  • digg
    • Remains the prolific news aggregators 
    • Doubles up as an RSS reader; you'll need to add new feeds using digg Reader
  • Circa
    • Offers brief, bite-sized news stories tailored specifically for mobile consumption
      • Rather than simply regurgitating what's already available on the web, its in-house team of editors produce new stories with distinct and easily digestible sentences, quotes, photos, and links 
  • Pocket
    • "Save-it-for-later" app which lets you archive interesting content from the web and then quickly find it again from most devices 
    • Instapaper and Readability are both similar apps to Pocket 
  • Prismatic
    • An interest network where you can follow the topics and people you care about and share your own interest 
  • TapTu
    • Provides instant access to all of your interests in one beautiful little app 
  • Pulse
    • A cross between Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand; organizes its stories by thumbnail images
  • Zite
    • Learns your interest and reading habits and gets smarter the more you use it; you'll get the best of the web completely tailored to your unique set of interests 
  • NetNewsWire
    • Simple and efficient, and syncs with your Google account 
  • news360
    • An app that learns what you enjoy and finds stories you'll like around the web

Paid Apps 
  • Press ($2.99)  , 
    • Sophisticated news reader app built exclusively for Android
    • Supports third-party RSS services including Feedly, Feedbin, and Feed Wrangler
  • gReader Pro ($4.69)
    • Newsreader app for Android that uses Feedly or The Old Reader to serve up all of your RSS feeds 
      • Quick, reliable, and simple to use
  • Zinio (pay per publication)
    • Cross platform and syncs yours purchases as you go 
  • Pocket Casts ($3.99)
    • Podcast app, and a great way to keep up with the latest headlines and explore complex issues while you're on the move 


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