Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ways to Focus and Succeed in Your Classes

Keeping your eyes open and your mind alert is sometimes difficult in your college lectures. Regardless if the professor is an easy grader, or the course is a breeze-you should try to stay focused if you want to learn new material (remember, you are paying for this education!), and it helps passing the midterms and finals Below are a few strategies you can use to help you do better in your classes.

What YOU can do: 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and/or snack before class
    • Eating a small, nutritious snack before class and taking a water bottle/something to drink to sip on during class can curb any hunger or thirst that can potentially cause distractions.  
  • Get sleep and exercise
  • Review your previous notes
    • Reviewing your notes from the previous class before the next session begins give you the opportunity to get back on track to where the last class left off--and you'll be more likely to pay attention since you'll remember what your professor was talking about. 
  • Turn off distracting devices
    • This includes laptops, cell phone, and tablets--all which can lead to serious distractions. Even if you promise yourself you won't browse the web and check your Facebook, most of the time you will stray away from the lecture--so don't even tempt yourself. 
  • Take notes on the least distracting device
    • As mentioned previously, don't use devices that are going to distract you--if you doodle, maybe typing your notes on a word doc (without the internet) is best, and if you browse the internet, pen and paper is probably best. 
  • Sit up front
    • It may seem intimidating for some, but being up front will help keep you focused. You'll avoid being distracted by the people behind you playing games on their laptop, and you'll be forced to pay attention and take notes because you are clearly visible to the professor. 
  • Avoid relying on stimulants
    • Whether it be caffeine, cigarettes, or prescription meds--these often cause disruptions in your sleep which can affect your memory and concentration. 

What you can do with OTHERS: 
  • Discuss content with students
    • Chat with other students after class about the lecture/class. Further discussions leads to a better and more comprehensive understanding of the material.   
  • Study and work with other students who are serious about succeeding
    • If you know others who are serious about doing well in the class, study and work with them! If you are able to find a reliable group of students that share a common interest--learning and doing well in the course--stick with them, they can be essential to your success in that class. 


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