Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Learn Something New on Your Own

How to Stick with It When You're Learning Something New On Your Own (Thorn Klosowski)

Whether you are trying to advance a skillset, learn a new hobby, or just take an entire new learning experience, it is difficult to stick with it.

Below are a few ways to allow you to learn something and stay with it.

Find What You Actually Want to Learn About
  • Ask yourself- what are you actually interested in? 
    • If your not doing research for school or work, it may be difficult to pinpoint what interests you and what skills you want to develop
    • Check out this article about How to Stimulate Curiosity (Annie Murphy Paul) 
  • Resources like Khan AcademyMIT Media LabLynda, and Lifehacker U are great places to find out about new information that may peak your interest
Figure Out How You Learn Best
  • People obviously learn in different ways--some like to stick to a plan while others are better are winging it
    • Try alternative methods to learning through trial and error 
Learn By Doing Whenever Possible 
  • Most times, you learn best by doing
  • Practice in ways that help you continually learn, which may include expanding the process so you're learning multiple skills at once
Find a Community to Learn With

Additional Links and Resources on LifeHacker

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