Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Leadership Branding

Are you "Branding" Yourself in a Positive Way?
Do you know what attributes, beliefs and experiences distinguish one Brand from another? 
  • Think about Apple, BP, or Miley Cyrus--how would you define these Brands? 
    • Apple thinks differently; it is seen as an innovative company that has expanded worldwide access to education, created smaller products with a smaller impact on the environment. 
    • BP is seen as irresponsible from the oil spill in 2010--how long until this Brand turns to a positive? Not until the spills stop and changes are permanently made, but another spill occurred not even 2 days ago in Lake Michigan, so probably not for a while... 
    • Miley Cyrus- from Hannah Montana to twerking, need I say more? 
  • These are examples give you ideas of how people view Brands, (and these are just examples to get you to think about the big picture and the importance of your Brand on your future). 
You need to identify your strengths, and determine a plan for growth that will help you develop your "Brand."
  • Differentiation
    • Are you presenting yourself as unique? How? 
    • Will you stand out to potential employers?  
      • Your identity and Brand will serve as a key differentiator
  • Consistency 
    • Are you consistent in your presence across all platforms (from family, to school, to work, and organizations) 
      • This will help build trust between you and your connections 
  • Clarity 
    • Are you clear on your values, diversity, work ethics, etc.? 
  • Authenticity 
    • Are you being truthful in the way you are presenting yourself? (credentials, experience, etc.)

Suggestions to improve your Brand: 
  • LinkedIn
    • Connect with your Alumni and contact people in your field of study; let them know that you are interested! 
  • Twitter
    • Follow individuals and organizations in your field; tweet and retweet people to create that Brand for yourself.
*Think before posting... How are you Branding yourself on social media? Is your Brand consistent across all platforms? 

Workshop on Leadership Branding by the Ohio University Career and Leadership Development Center (January 2014). 

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