Thursday, March 20, 2014

Strengthen Your Profile and Connections on Linkedin

It is essential in this digital age to expand your network and build connections with others! Whether you are writing a paper and need some input, or if you are looking for job opportunities--expanding you network and building connections with others is so valuable to your growth and branding in the future.
  • Update or refresh your profile
    • According to LinkedIn's Career Expert, Nicole Williams, your profile is 12 times more likely to be viewed by a hiring manager if you have a detailed list of work experiences--this means the more chances you have to be discovered for new opportunities or advanced positions.
      • "You never know what about your past will be of interest to the recruiters, potential business partners or clients," Williams said. "Recruiters are on LinkedIn and by virtue of the way they're searching, such as using keywords and the duration of your career, they'll be able to find you better." 
Ways to Update Your Presence
  1. Edit Endorsements: Under the "Skills and Expertise" section, you can add endorsements to your profile; and while endorsements can be a good testament to your proficiencies, it has also been controversial because some people may endorse you for irrelevant skills. But, the more people that endorse you for relevant skills, the more you profile's likability will instantly boost!
  2. Add A New Profile Picture: According to LinkedIn, adding a profile picture makes your profile 7 times more likely to be viewed by others. You can change the privacy settings on your picture as well; the default setting allows everyone to see it, though you can change it so only your connections or those in your network can view it. 
  3. Update Your Summary: The "Summary" section of your profile should detail who you are as a professional: your title, role, skills, and expertise. According to LinkedIn, to increase the chances you'll appear in someone's search, your "Summary" section should contain at least 40 words. 
  4. Include Pictures, Videos, and Presentations: You can upload rich media to make your profile more engaging to show off your work. 
  5. List Volunteer Experience and Causes: According to LinkedIn, 42% of hiring managers surveyed said they view volunteer experience as equivalent to former work experience. You can also add information about volunteer opportunities that you are interested in, and add organizations that you support. 
** Check out this AWESOME site that allows you to create a visualization of your resume

Options for Connecting Your Connections
Whatever your endgame is when it comes to LinkedIn, extending your network and creating new contacts is a key part of that. This is the essence of good networking.

  • You can write to two people that should connect in a single message
    • Compose a message in your inbox and select both connectors as recipients. Simply make an introduction to each other (or a summary of the situation/benefits) and make sure that the box remains checked that allows them both to see the other person's name and email address 
  • Under Send a message, there is a link Share profile, which allows you to send it to another connections
    • Click on this and add a short explanation before sending it to the other person-it's for them to follow up between the two of them. 
  • Send a message to one of your connections suggesting that they request an introduction to the other person-and don't forget to add a link to their profile to make the other person easy to find 
  • You can send a message to one of your connections encouraging them to add the other as a connection, using a personalized message and stating that you have been encouraging them to get in touch 
These options might simply allow you to put two individuals in your network in touch with each other than may benefit from being in contact. It could also be the ideal way to help a colleague extend their own network by putting them in touch with your own connections who could be of value to them. 
*Think about the connections you may be able to foster-it will strengthen your own network at the same time as extending theirs, so it's ALWAYS good to keep an eye out for where these opportunities may exist!*


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